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High Voltage Test Series
Wireless H/L Voltage Clamp Ammeter
Function: On-line measurement of high voltage current,Transformer current measurement High-voltage line current measurement
Range 0.0mA-1200A (50/60Hz auto)
Resolution 0.1mA
Clamp size φ50mm
Insulating edge rod five sections of retractable insulation rod (5 meters)
Line test Can be used below 60kV line

FR1001无线高压钳形电流表主机 FR1001无线高压钳形电流表主机
FR1001无线高压钳形电流表钳口开张图 FR1001无线高压钳形电流表钳口开张图
FR1001无线高压钳形电流表布包 FR1001无线高压钳形电流表布包
Range 0.0mA~1200A (50/60Hz  Auto)
Resolution 0.1mA
Clamp Diameter Φ50mm
Accuracy ±2%±5dgt
Sampling Speed About 2 times/second
Wireless Distance 30m
Function High-low voltage current measurement
Power Supply Hosts :DC6V Alkaline Dry Battery (1.5V AAA X 4);
Receiver:DC7.5V Alkaline Dry Battery(1.5V LR6x5)
Test Method Clamp CT,
Meter Dimension Hosts :W/T/H: 87mm×37mmx262mm ;
Receiver :W/T/H :100mmx35mmx204mm
LCD Dimension Receiver LCD display: 62mm×44mm
Total Weight 2.9Kg (including insulation rod and battery.)
Overflow Display Exceed measurement range overflow function: “OL ” symbol display
Data Storage 200 Groups
Data Storage Full the symbol “FULL” mark will flash to indicate the memory has been full.
Battery Voltage Detector: when the battery voltage is below 5.2V, the symbol of low power will show to remind to replace battery. Receiver: when the battery voltage is below 5.2V, the symbol of low power will show
Insulated Rod 1m/Section(5 Sections)
Insulation Intension AC 60KV/rms
Circuit Test Insulation sheath wire test below 60kV line voltage, bare wire test under 35kV (with insulation rod operation)
Work Temperature -10℃~40℃
Storage Temperature -10℃~60℃;
Humidity 0℃~31℃75%, 31℃~40℃≤50%
Suitable for Safety Regulations EC1010-1, I1010-2-032, Pollution Level 2, CATⅢ(600V) IEC61326 (EMC Standard)

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