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Other Lightning Protection Met
Other Lightning Protection Met
Pump multimeter
Voltage range: AC 0V ~ 700V
Current range: AC 0.0A~300A
Phase range: 0°~360°
Frequency range: 45.0Hz~65.0Hz
jaw size: 34mm * 36mm
Number of well numbers: 100
USB interface: Yes
Clock function: Yes

ES9050 pump multimeter ES9050 pump multimeter
ES9050 pump multimeter ES9050 pump multimeter
ES9050 pump multimeter ES9050 pump multimeter
Function Simultaneously measure the electric parameters of the oil field: AC current, voltage, frequency, phase between voltage and current, on-off resistance value, maximum current of pumping unit up and down stroke, stroke ratio, up and down stroke time, strokes per minute
Power DC7.2V(1.2V  5 section AA rechargeable battery)
Jaw size circular mouth-shaped current clamp :34mm×36mm
voltage:AC 0V~700V voltage:AC 1V voltage:±(2%FS)
  current:AC 0.0A~300A current:AC 0.1A current:±(2%FS)
  phase:0°~360° phase:1° phase:±10°
  frequency:45.0Hz~65.0Hz frequency:0.1Hz frequency:±1 Hz
Well number quantity 100
Data storage 500 groups
USB interface USB interface, the stored data is uploaded to the computer, which is convenient for analyzing and managing data, and editing the well number through software.
Communication cable USB communication cable, 1 meter long
Well number setting 11-digit code, you can edit the well number by instrument or PC software
Clock function have 
Password setting have,6-digit numeric password
Backlight function Have, suitable for dim places and night use
Automatic shut-down The instrument automatically shuts down after about 15 minutes without operation.
Power consumption Backlight turn-on maximum power consumption 50mA
  Backlight off meter consumes 30mA
Display mode LCD display,128dots*64dots
Instrument size L/W/T:204mm*100mm*35mm
detection rate About 2 second/time
Battery voltage The meter displays the battery voltage in a timely manner. When the battery voltage is lower than 5.5V, the battery voltage is low and the symbol is displayed. Please charge it in time.
Instrument weight About 1kg(including accessories)
Test line length 1.5m
Current clamp line length 2m
Working temperature and humidity -20℃~40℃;below 80%Rh
Storage temperature and humidity -10℃~60℃;below 70%Rh
Input impedence The input impedance of the test voltage is:1MΩ
Pressure resistance 1000V / 50Hz sine wave AC voltage between the meter line and the case lasts 1 minute
Insulation Between the instrument line and the sheath housing≥100MΩ
Structure Double-insulation and insulating anti-vibration sheath
Suitable for Safety Regulations IEC61010-1 CAT Ⅲ 600V,IEC61010-031,IEC61326,pollution level 2

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