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High Voltage Test Series
Wireless high voltage voltmeter
Electrical inspection rating: 70V ~ 220kV
Ground voltage display range: 70kV ~ 120kV
Display accuracy of voltage to ground: ±10%
Line voltage display range: 120V~200kV
Line voltage display accuracy: ≥±10%
Probe hook diameter: Φ70mm
Display mode: 3.5 inch color screen

ES9070 wireless high voltage voltmeter ES9070 wireless high voltage voltmeter
ES9070 wireless high voltage voltmeter ES9070 wireless high voltage voltmeter
ES9070 wireless high voltage voltmeter ES9070 wireless high voltage voltmeter
Function Wireless high voltage and induced voltage measurement, high voltage inspection
Power Receiver: DC6V, 5 sections AA alkaline batteries,
Detector: Zinc-manganese dry battery 6F22, 9V
Transmission distance Wireless transmission, linear transmission distance of about 30 meters
Electric inspection grade 70V~220kV (110V、220V、3kV、6.3kV、10kV、35kV、66kV、110kV、220kV)
Display range of voltage to ground 70V~120kV(voltage to ground)
Display accuracy of voltage to ground high-tension overhead line±5%±5dgt(Other applications:±20%±5dgt)
Line voltage display range 120V~220kV(Corresponding display line voltage, multiplied by √3 according to the ground voltage)
Line voltage display accuracy high-tension overhead line±5%±5dgt(Other applications:±20%±5dgt)
Probe caliber Φ70mm
Probe length 55mm
Wireless frequency 433MHz
Display mode 3.5 inch color screen
LCD size 72mm*55mm
Power supply indication The detector has a green power indicator
Electric inspection indication The detector has an acousto-optic indicator function during the power inspection, a red double flash indicator and a "beep--beep--beep" beep
isplay rate 2 times/second
Backlight have
Battery voltage When the battery voltage is low, low battery symbol will display
Automatic shut-down automatic shutdown after 15 minutes boot
Power consumption detector:150mA  Max;receiver:30mA  Max
Instrument weight instrument:450g(including battery);
detector: about 240(with battery)
Instrument size receiver:187*119*48mm,
Insulation rod length Maximum diameter Φ38mm;length:3m
Insulation test Both ends of insulated rod after stretching: AC 220kV / rms;
Host and detector: AC3700V / rms (between exposed metal and plastic case)
External interference No special strong electromagnetic field; no 433MHz co-channel interference at the test site
Working temperature and humidity -10℃~40℃;below 70%rh
Storage temperature and humidity -20℃~60℃;below 80%rh

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