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Current Sensor Series
High-precision Clamp Current Sensor
Clamp size: Φ8mm
Range AC0.01mA-30A
Resolution AC 0.01mA
Accuracy 0.2%
Turn Ratio 2500:1 (can be customized)
Output method: current sensing output

FR008尖嘴型电流传感器主机 FR008尖嘴型电流传感器主机
FR008尖嘴型电流传感器接头 FR008尖嘴型电流传感器接头
FR008尖嘴型电流传感器现场图 FR008尖嘴型电流传感器现场图

Technical Specification

Features Portable CT clamp structure, safe and convenient to use
Jaw Size Φ7.5mm
Range AC 0~30A
Resolution AC 0.01mA
Accuracy ±0.2%FS(50Hz/60Hz; 23 °C±2 °C)
Phase Error ≤2°(50Hz/60Hz;23 °C±2°C)
Turn Ratio 2500:1 (optional 2000:1; 1000:1)
Reference Load RL: 0~300mA≤100Ω; 0~3A≤10Ω; 0~30A≤5Ω
Dimensions L/T/H 42mmX 20mmx 137mm
Output Interface 3.5mm audio plug
Output Line Length 2m
Weight 180g
Output Method Current sensing output
External Material ABS resin, flame retardant rating 94V0
Line Voltage 600V AC (insulated wire) 30Vac (bare wire) test
Working Temperature -25°C~55 °C
Insulation Resistance 100 MΩ @ 500Vdc
Medium Strength AC3700V/rms (between iron core and shell)
Current Frequency 45Hz~65Hz(measured current frequency)
Frequency Characteristics 10Hz~100kHz
Installation Dimensions
  1. Clamp head
  2. direction marker identification (identify the same name when phase detection)
  3. Output leads
  4. Sensor output plug (p3.5mm audio plug)
  5. coil taps

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