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Earth Resistance Series
Soil resistivity grounding resistance tester
Function 2, 3, 4 line measurement of grounding resistance, soil resistivity; grounding voltage, AC voltage measurement
Grounding resistance 0.00Ω~30.00kΩ
Soil resistivity: 0.00Ωm~9999kΩm
Measure mode Precision 4-wire, 3-wire method measurement, simple 2-wire measurement grounding resistance (sine wave)
USB interface With USB interface, software monitoring, storage data can upload computer, save and print
Data storage 500 groups

ES3001四线接地电阻测试仪主机 ES3001四线接地电阻测试仪主机
ES3001四线接地电阻测试仪尺寸图 ES3001四线接地电阻测试仪尺寸图
ES3001四线接地电阻测试仪主显屏 ES3001四线接地电阻测试仪主显屏
ES3001四线接地电阻测试仪保护箱 ES3001四线接地电阻测试仪保护箱
ES3001四线接地电阻测试仪配件包 ES3001四线接地电阻测试仪配件包
1Range and Accuracy error
Measurement function Measurement range Accuracy Resolution
Grounding resistance
0.00Ω~30.00Ω ±2%rdg±5dgt (remark 1) 0.01Ω
30.0Ω~300.0Ω ±2%rdg±3dgt 0.1Ω
300Ω~3000Ω ±2%rdg±3dgt
3.00kΩ~30.00kΩ ±2%rdg±3dgt 10Ω
Soil resistivity
0.00Ωm~99.99Ωm ρ=2πaR (remark 2) 0.01Ωm
100.0Ωm~999.9Ωm 0.1Ωm
1000Ωm~9999Ωm 1Ωm
10.00kΩm~99.99kΩm 10Ωm
100.0kΩm~999.9kΩm 100Ωm
1000kΩm~9999kΩm 1kΩm
Grounding voltage AC 0.00~100.0V ±2%rdg±3dgt 0.01V
1. Reference conditions: accuracy with Rh Rs < 100Ω。
Working conditions:Rh max=3kΩ+100R<50kΩ;Rs max=3kΩ+100R<50kΩ
2.Depends on the measurement accuracy of R,π=3.14, a:1 m~100m
2General specification
Function Two three four-wire measure grounding resistance, soil resistivity;
Ground voltage, AC voltage measurement
Ambient temperature and humidity 23℃±5℃,below 75%rh
Power DC 6V 4.5Ah lead-acid battery lasts more than 100 hours standby
Interference voltage <20V (should be avoided)
Interference current <2A (should be avoided)
Measure R electrode spacing a>5d
Measured electrode spacing a>20h
Auxiliary ground resistance Reference condition <100Ω, working condition <5kΩ
Range Grounding resistance: 0.00Ω~30.00kΩ
Soil resistivity: 0.00Ωm~9999kΩm
Grounding voltage: 0.00V~100.0V
measurement mode Precise four-wire、 three-wire measurement, simple two-wire measurement
Measurement methods Grounding resistance: rated current change pole method
Soil resistivity: four-pole method
Ground Voltage: Average Rectification(between S-ES interface)
Test frequency 128Hz
Short circuit test current > 20mA (Sine Wave)
Open circuit test voltage AC 28V max
Electrode spacing range Can be set 1m ~ 100m
Change gear fully automatic shifting 0.00Ω ~ 30.00kΩ
fully automatic shifting 0.00 Ωm~9000kΩm
Backlight Controllable gray screen backlight, suitable for use in dim places
Display mode 4-bit large LCD display, gray screen backlight
Measurement instructions LED flashing indicator during measurement
LCD size 111mm×68mm
LCD display field 108mm×65mm
Instrument size L/W/H:277.2mm×227.5mm×153mm
Standard test line length 4 strips:red 15m,black 15m, yellow 10m,green 10m each one
Simple test line 2strips:yellow 1.6m,green 1.6m each one
Auxiliary Grounding rod 4PCS:φ10mm×200mm
Measure time Ground voltage:about 3 times/sec;
grounding resistance、soil resistivity: about 7 seconds/time
Line voltage Measurement below AC100V (ground voltage measurement function cannot be used to measure commercial power)
USB interface With USB interface, software monitoring, storage data can be uploaded to the computer, save and print
Communication Line One USB communication line, 1.5m long
Data storage 500 groups, "MEM" storage indicates, flashing "FULL" symbol indicates that the memory is full
Data review Data review function: "MR" symbol display
Overflow display Over-range overflow function: "OL" symbol display
Interference test Automatic identification of interference signals, "NOISE" symbol indication when the interference voltage is higher than 5V
Auxiliary grounding test With auxiliary ground resistance test function, 0.00KΩ ~ 30kΩ (Rh max = 3kΩ +100R <50kΩ; Rs max = 3kΩ +100R <50kΩ)
Alarm function Alarm when the measured value exceeds the alarm setting value
Battery voltage Real-time display of battery power, reminding timely charging when battery voltage is low
Automatic Shutdown “APO” Indicates, automatic Shutdown After 15 Minutes
Power consumption Standby: 40mA Max(Backlight off)
Turn on backlight: about 43mA
measuring:75mA Max(Backlight off)
Weight Instrument: 2450(including battery)
Test lines:1300g
Auxiliary grounding rod: 850g(4PCS)
Working temperature and humidity -10℃~40℃;below 80%rh
Storage temperature and humidity -20℃~60℃;below 70%rh
Overload protection Grounding resistance:AC 280V/3 seconds between H-E and S-ES ports
Insulation resistance 20MΩ以上(500V between circuit and housing)
Pressure resistance AC 3700V/rms(between circuit and housing)
Electromagnetic properties IEC61326(EMC)
Suitable for safety regulations IEC61010-1(CAT Ⅲ 300V、CAT IV 150V、pollution level
IEC61557-1(grounding resistance);
IEC61557-5(soil resistivity);
JJG 366-2004.

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