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On-site image of China Southern Power Grid Guangdong Branch

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On December 7th, 2015, We were very pleased to cooperate with China Southern Power Grid Shenzhen Branch again. They wanted to choose an ES1000 high voltage clamp ammeter or an ES1001 wireless high voltage clamp ammeter, which was suitable for their use.Therefore, we will use two kinds of meters to test. The customer found that some transformers have too much zero-sequence current, three-phase load imbalance, etc., which leads to large power loss. In some areas, there are frequent trips. They decided to purchase the ES1001 wireless high voltage clamp ammeter to measure the current at the incoming end to analyze and solve the problem.
The transformer to be measured ES1001 ammeter placed aside waiting for measurement
Take out the receiver and the high pressure clamp Boot, connect the insulation rod
High voltage clamp clamps the transformer Holding receiver in hand
Close picture The current at this moment is 5.49A
Unplug the high voltage clamp, retract the insulation rod, and end the test. Let a LOGO of the current of the south retain the memory

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