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2016 Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice

Time:2018-07-31 15:30       Source:FUZRR Zhengneng Technology

To all employees of the company:
       According to the relevant regulations of the National Dragon Boat Festival holiday, combined with the actual situation of the company, the 2016 Dragon Boat Festival holiday is now notified as follows:
       2016 Dragon Boat Festival holiday schedule: June 9 (Thursday, Dragon Boat Festival) to June 10 (Friday) holiday, a total of 2 days. Going to work on Saturday, June 11.
       During the holidays, all departments should properly arrange the work on duty and safety and security. Eliminate safety hazards, do a good job of fire prevention, anti-theft, and ensure the safety of the company and personnel during the holiday.
       In addition, FUZRR has been able to distribute the Zongzi to the employees, and also wish all employees and their relatives good health and happiness.
FUZRR Zhengneng Technology

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