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ES3050 digital DC resistance tester (0.0001Ω~30.00KΩ) offici

Time:2018-07-31 15:36       Source:Zhengneng Electronic

The high-precision digital DC resistance tester (0.0001Ω~30.00KΩ) carefully developed by Guangzhou Zhengneng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was officially released, and the resolution was 0.1mΩ. The four-wire method accurately measured the low resistance value, and with the AC voltage measurement function.Welcome to request information to order.

The DC resistance tester with resolution which can truly reach (0.1mΩ)

ES3050 digital equal potential tester is also known as micro-ohmmeter, ohmmeter, DC grounding resistance tester,using the most microprocessor technology, four-wire test, safe and reliable.

It is a special instrument for detecting equipotential bonding quality between metal components of objects such as housings, lightning protection belts, ground beams, structures, cabinets, steel bars, pipes, windows, guardrails, radiators, and assembly lines.It can also measure the resistance of the connection conductors between various electrical equipments and earth ground, the DC resistance of transformers, and also can measure the contact resistance of switches and socket contacts, coils, metal wires, welding points and other low-value resistances.

Widely used in telecommunications, electric power, meteorology, computer room, oil field, power distribution lines, iron tower transmission lines, gas stations, factory grounding grids, lightning rods, etc. It also has the function of measuring DC voltage and AC voltage.
Function Equipotential bonding resistance test between metal components, low-value resistance test, resistance test of connecting conductors between ground and ground electrodes, contact resistance test, etc.
DC resistance range 0.0001Ω~30.00KΩ    Accuracy±1%rdg±5dgt
Resistance resolution 0.0001Ω
Test method Four-wire test
Test current ≥2A
Open circuit voltage ≤7V
Capacity factor Measuring capacity factor≤15W
DC voltage range 0.0V~1000V DC        Accuracy±1.5%rdg±5dgt
DC voltage resolution 0.1V
AC voltage range 0.0V~750V AC         Accuracy±1.5%rdg±3dgt
AC voltage resolution 0.1V
Power DC 6V 4.5Ah Large-capacity battery Continuous standby for more than 100 hours

Product details: ES3050 digital DC resistance tester

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