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Guangzhou Zhengneng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. WeChat p

Time:2018-07-31 16:39       Source:Zhengneng Electronic

Sweep and quickly pay attention to the  WeChat public account of Zhengneng Technology

WeChat is a way of life, a mobile phone application used by more than 500 million people, and now it has been tried in our company. Our company's "WeChat public service platform" was officially released, which indicates that our company's information technology application level has reached a new height.
“Opening the WeChat platform is an attempt and exploration of the transformation of communication methods in the new media era.” The company’s leaders said, “We are preparing to send some of our company’s latest product research results and the company’s latest news through the WeChat platform. ."
Steps to add the Zhengneng Technology WeChat public platform with your mobile phone:
1. Method 1: Open WeChat, press "Contacts" - "Add Friends" - enter the micro signal "znelecom" press search - then click "Follow".
Method 2: Open WeChat and press “Discover” – “Sweep” (see QR above) – “Follow”.
2. Information browsing: Open WeChat - select "Contacts" - select "Public Number" - open "Energy Technology".

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