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ES1001 high voltage clamp ammeter officially put into produc

Time:2018-07-31 16:52       Source:Zhengneng Technology

Zhengneng Technology launched a series of new products on April 12, 2013: The ES1001 wireless high-voltage clamp ammeter consists of a special clamp-type ammeter with a high-voltage insulated rod. The inside of the clamp ammeter uses a mask integrated circuit, and the insulating rod is connected for the high-voltage line current measurement of the line with an insulating sheath or bare wire below 35kV.When the insulation rod is not used, it can also be used as a high-precision low-voltage clamp-type ammeter and leakage current meter, which can accurately distinguish 0.1mA current or leakage current. It has the characteristics of simple use and convenient carrying. Its wireless transmission test data, equipped with a wireless receiver, can receive the measured data within 30 meters of the line, ensuring the high precision, high reliability and high stability of the uninterrupted test throughout the year.
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