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How to measure the grounding resistance of street lamps? [ES

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The ES3010 grounding resistance meter (simple type) has: 2, 3 line method to measure the grounding resistance and grounding voltage. Manual shifting, data uploading function, alarm function, data storage 500 groups, grounding resistance range: 0.00Ω~3000Ω, grounding voltage range: 0~600V, etc. This is an example of measuring a street light.

Street  lamp to be measured


Open the Zhengneng ES3010 grounding resistance meter (simple type) instrument box and prepare the wiring

Connect the wiring as shown below, red, yellow, and green, respectively, differing by 5 meters. This is a precision three-wire method.

Ground the rod and clamp the red and yellow test leads to the ground rod

3.jpg  4.jpg  

Clamp the green test wire on the ground lead of the street lamp


Test line is connected to the host according to the corresponding color


Wiring completed, ready to test


Rotate the rotary switch to 30 Ω


Press the red TEST button to start the test.


Meter test in 10 seconds countdown


The grounding resistance value was measured to be 6.04 Ω, and the national standard street lamp was 10 Ω or less. Normal grounding


The measurement is completed, the rotary switch is turned to the OFF position to shut down, and the work is completed.


The above is an example of theES3010 Grounding Resistance Meter(simple type)for detecting the grounding resistance value of the street lamp.

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