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Power distribution cabinet three-phase four-wire voltage and

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Guangzhou Sengeng ES2000 three-phase phase voltammeter can simultaneously measure three voltage, current, power, frequency and other parameters. Current clamp: φ7.5mm, phase range: 0.0~360°, current range: 0.0mA~20.0A, voltage range: 0.00V~600V, active power range: 0.0W~12kW, and with USB interface, can upload data . The following is a practical example of measuring a three-phase four-wire inlet cabinet.
Field diagram of the incoming line cabinet to be measured
Take out the ES2000 three-phase phase voltammeter. The ES2000 standard accessories include: 1 host, 1 instrument box, 3 current clamps, 4 test leads (1 for each of yellow, green, red and black), battery 6V nickel Hydrogen battery pack (built-in), charger 6V Ni-MH battery pack charger, 1 manual, 1 warranty certificate, 1 CD.
Take out the ES2000 three-phase phase voltammeter
Clamp the wire according to the diagram
The voltage yellow corresponds to yellow (phase A), the voltage green corresponds to green (phase B), the voltage red corresponds to red (phase C), and black corresponds to black (zero line)
The ammeter clamp clamps the CT1 current clamp to phase A (yellow), the CT2 current clamp clamps phase B (green), and the CT3 current clamp clamps phase C (red)
Plug in the color plug corresponding to the ES2000 three-phase phase voltammeter
Press the red POWER button to directly display the three-phase voltage, and current, U1: 237V, U2: 238V, U3: 238V, I1: 396mA, I2: 1.15A, I3: 419mA
Press the MODE button to display the phase angle of the voltage and voltage, current and current, and  the current and voltage.
Press the MODE button to show the power and power rate respectively.
Press the MODE button again to show whether the phase sequence is positive phase or reverse phase. The phase sequence at this time is the positive phase sequence.
Press the MODE button again to display the vector of voltage and current for each phase.
Press the red POWER button to shut down
End measurement
The above is the method of three-phase four-wire voltage and current phase power of Guangzhou Zhengneng  ES2000 three-phase phase volt-ampere metermeasuring equipment inlet cabinet

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