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How to measure soil resistivity? [ES3010E Soil Resistivity M

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Guangzhou Energy ES3010E Grounding Resistance Soil Resistivity Tester (simple type) can use the 2, 3, and 4 wire methods to measure the grounding resistance, soil resistivity, grounding voltage measurement and other functions . Grounding resistance range up to: 0.00Ω~30.00KΩ, soil resistivity range up to: 0.00ΩM~9999KΩM, voltage range: 0~600V,
Before designing the ground net of each house or each machine room, it is necessary to consider how large the ground net is to meet the design requirements. An important parameter judged at this time is the soil resistivity.
Prepare to measure soil resistivity at 5 meters depth
Open the instrument box, ES3010E standard accessories are: 1 instrument, 1 instrument box, 4 auxiliary ground rods, 4 test lines, 2 simple test lines, 1.5V battery 6, user manual,  warranty 1
Take out the ES3010E meter, and the rotary switch is in the OFF position. In the shutdown state
To measure the soil resistivity, rotate the rotary switch to ρE, it will display 0.00Ωm, measure the grounding resistance and rotate it to RE, the grounding voltage will rotate to  VE.
Hit the grounding rod under the soil, clamp the grounding rod at one end of the pliers, and hit three more grounding rods. Total: red, yellow, green, black four lines. The grounding wires are arranged in a line in the order of H, S, ES, and E. The distance between each grounding bar is 5 meters.
Red, yellow, green, and black correspond to the color socket on the meter.
Press the SET button to set the distance. Such as 5 meters
If you measure 5 meters of soil, place the ground rods in a straight line. The spacing between two adjacent ground rods is 5m, and the meter is set to 5 meters. If it is 30 meters deep, the spacing between each rod is 30. Meter, set on the meter 30 meters
Then press the TEST button to start the measurement. Start counting down from 10 seconds, now there are still 6 seconds to complete
Finally, the countdown is completed, and the soil resistivity displayed at this time is 78.85Ωm.
After the measurement is completed, turn the rotary switch to the OFF position and turn it off.
Close the instrument machine box

This case is tested for sandy clay, attach reference values for soil resistivity:
This example is the operation method of the Guangzhou Zhengneng ES3010EGrounding Resistance Soil Resistivity Tester(simple type)to measure the field soil resistivity.

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