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High-voltage online current measurement method? [ES1000 high

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The energy recovery ES1000 high and low voltage clamp ammeter can measure high and low voltage AC current below 60kV, measuring range: AC 0.0mA ~ 1200A, 200 sets of data storage, jaw size: Φ50mm, telescopic insulation rod 4 meters long and so on. The following is an example of measuring the incoming current of a transformer.
I, the test project (transformer incoming current)
II, take out the ES1000 high and low voltage clamp ammeter from the bag

III, press the red POWER button to boot
IV, connect 60KV telescopic edge rod

V. Press the PEAK button. A pliers-shaped symbol will appear below the value and the PEAK light will illuminate.
VI. Find the transformer incoming line and insert it directly.

VII. After staying for five or six seconds, pull out the pliers. What is the current value? At this time, the current is 2820mA.
VIII. Rotate the shrinking insulation rod, press the PEAK button to exit the PEAK measurement mode, press the POWER button to shut down.

IX, Put instrument, insulated rod into bag, the test is over.
The method of measuring the current on the transformer using the Guangzhou Zhengneng ES1000 High and Low Voltage Clamp Ammeter

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