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How to measure the grounding resistance of the tower? [ES300

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The Essence ES3001 multi-function four-wire grounding resistance tester has: 2, 3, 4 wire grounding resistance, soil resistivity, grounding voltage measurement. USB interface, data upload function, alarm function, data storage 300 groups, grounding resistance range: 0.00Ω~30.00KΩ, soil resistivity range: 0.00ΩM~9999KΩM Voltage range: 0~100V, test frequency: 128Hz, etc. The following is an example of measuring the grounding resistance of a tower.
Tower to be measured

Open the Zhengneng ES3001 multi-function four-wire grounding resistance meter instrument box to prepare wiring

Wire as shown below. Red, yellow, green and black, respectively, differ by 5 meters. This is a four-wire method to measure the grounding resistance.

Ground the rod and clamp the red and yellow test leads to the ground rod.

3.jpg  4.jpg
Clamp the green and black test leads on the tower ground lead

5.jpg  6.jpg
The test line is connected to the host in the corresponding color.

Press the red POWER button to boot

Press R to switch the ground resistance gear

Press the yellow TEST button to start the test

Test 10 seconds countdown

The grounding resistance is measured to be 1.69Ω, and the grounding is normal.

After the test is completed, press the red POWER button to shut down


The above is the on-site operation of the ES3001 digital grounding resistance meter(multi-function type) to detect the grounding resistance value of the tower

If need to purchase or learn more about the parameters of this instrument, please call: 020-37319325, mobile phone: 18818841403, QQ: 3046427731Press R to switch the ground resistance file

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