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The on-site pictures of Guangxi Nanning Lightning Protection

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On November 2, 2013, for the grounding safety of the testing equipment, the Guangxi Nanning Lightning Protection Center invited the technicians of Guangzhou Zhengneng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. came to the factory to test the equipment. The technicians brought their new product ES3010E digital grounding resistance tester (simple type) from Guangzhou to Nanning and began to test the equipment in the factory. The following is the scene picture of this test:
Take out the meter and connect the test line to the corresponding interface behind the host by color:
Ground the rod and clip the other end of the red and yellow test leads to the ground rod:
Clamp both green and black to the ground lead of the device:
Wiring is completed, waiting for the test:

Rotate the switch RE gear and prepare to start the grounding resistance test:

After pressing the TEST red button, the host starts to work:

The operation countdown is 10 seconds:

When the countdown is over, the grounding resistance of the device is measured to be 3.28 ohms. At the end of the test, the grounding resistance of the device is good:

Through the on-site demonstration of the Zhengneng technicians, the staff of the lightning protection department carried the ES3010E to test several other equipments on the site. The test results were satisfactory. After the event, the lightning protection department placed more than a dozen ES3010E orders.indicating that it wants to be distributed to various factories in the province for the grounding safety inspection of equipment.

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